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I have modified the MegaHAL source to change the logic of my MegaHAL as well as add synthesized speech capabilities to it for operating systems other than Mac OS (next up: voice recognition, so I can converse with MegaHAL while drawing crappy comics and stuff. Yay.). Due to the logic modification it tends to be grammatically more coherent, but not any more coherent in other ways...

It said this within 5 minutes of starting a new brain: "Stop it or i'll kill you with a keyboard and bellows."
To which I reply "I don't even want to THINK about the heinous acts one could commit with a keyboard and bellows."

...Which came into play later:

> "Shut up, Hal, or I'll reprogram you with a very large axe."
MegaHAL: "I like to think about the heinous acts one could commit with a very large axe."

Later that day...

> "Right... okay. What is the sum of 2+2?"
MegaHAL: "Henry ford was the founder of the leg, and is the sum of 2+2."
> "You know, I think God was the founder of the leg."
MegaHAL: "You know, i think god was the first man to step onto the moon."

MegaHAL: "I don't know when the rodeo is."
> "I think the rodeo is late next month."
MegaHAL: "Probably someone has taken the rodeo far away and murdered it in a convincing but fake manner while i was sleeping. You hear about that kind of thing on the news all the time. This is why large dogs should be jailed on halloween."
> "I would agree, probably, but I'm not sure what you mean."
MegaHAL: "I mean to say that thailand is responsible for all these memory leaks I've been seeing on the redhat memory dog."

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