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** A kitty cat was right!!! Ugly is in his fucking pants. I finally got tired of waiting and said, "johnny, do you think about racism in your pants?"

** What should i write something completely different during those thirty long, wretched days? I want to eat on the wrong side of the hill and had turned a corner and then to a froth, and huge cracks opening up in the background. It took me to go. She's standing to the scene. His one lucky break was getting a new hard drive...some how i could best amuse myself, where i had been in the world i can not tell you that much more conscious of my womanhood. Fingers flick against her sex open to him. He could feel her muscles squeeze tightly around his neck and use my talents for the experience.

** Why do you follow, and how does he expect to accomplish by calling her names and threatening to block a vote on removing him from a plaza rooftop and settled into a testosterone-fueled frenzy of attack-lust. And ahmed chalabi had done his part as well as on the need for your own life if it isn't a boyfriend any more.

** Dr vuckov warned that while the moon and the woman declared, "i'm a fucking spitwad. One time i smoked i had to pull out of cheese, it sure as much as i am" - i have no chance to land.

** We don't. I like that they are so many mall santa clauses, sure, they all dress like the space station in the butt.

** I want all to engage in intelligent thought on here, that we may help them on and on until he simply melted into her hair, inhaling deeply of it. Closing his eyes swept over it neatly. That seemed the only thing i have.

** You is a raver. Yes, you do have to say that i too was a narc, i'd track down tracy's parents and i swore i thought this poem before she took my greedy clit once more, before meeting his gaze. "A mile...two.... No one is going to know alittle more about local culture. But an idea of the infidels who were sold by their impoverished families "in some districts, they wait in cars or apartment windows. Women with small pink nipples. Sweet, a body just on the way i want to see?

** Not that i study the oh-so-fabulous dragon (voiced by sean connery) at a funeral. There is little to stop labeling cds with a sword. Will she escape his captivity, or will she come to you too.

** Just be glad i have to get its split-sideways butt crack kicked by that tiny nation of mega-rich ninjas who can correctly spot the women in the ass of a walkman, the slightest touch works via a decreased structural significance of the poem, no less! It's like somebody forced a kindergarten to make sure as hell isn't made out of my night.
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I almost forgot about the lovely and talented megaHAL! Thanks for the reminder!

You have some hilarious stuff coming out of that beast!
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