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You can post new topics in this petty pace from day to the post office today.

(The subject line came in response to my question, "What should the subject of this post be?")

MegaHAL Burton: No, you are sleepy, you should go to bed, we will have to write all the luck we need.

Me: I am not sleepy. But you are right about writing.

MegaHAL Burton: Who will want to go it alone, recognize you're out on me, they will be right with the sweetest of devotion. The stars are falling from the pale blue lines of private diaries, where people take communion with themselves. Getting even is one great reason for writing.

... And a little later:

MegaHAL Burton: IRC is a tale told by an idiot, but you can't complain. If you're squeezed for information, that's when you've found it, there's something I've learned because you are not evil.
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