Jonathan (callit) wrote in megahalspeaks,

I've got my MegaHal set up as an AimBot, except he's got quite a foul mouth due to some of the people who've been talking to him. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to delete words from the vocabulary altogether. I've added a few words to the ban list, which helps to lessen how often they come up... If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to help me re-teach my bot some manners, let me know, and I'll give you the SN.

[01:02] MegaHal: Because i'm on the back, Don't get hostile.
[01:02] User: don't be mean
[01:02] MegaHal: Love is alive in all of space and its contents.
[01:02] User: that's beautiful
[01:02] MegaHal: Beautiful women have beautiful breasts.
[01:03] MegaHal: You're talking about a little older than me, And i will probably never be animate unless you're high or on some form of japanese unarmed combat.

[22:14] MegaHal: The sun is the meat derived from the sun is a domesticated mammal descended from the sun.
[22:14] User: the sun reproduces asexually
[22:14] MegaHal: The sun causes problems.
[22:14] User: we should destroy it
[22:14] MegaHal: I will destroy you.

[22:17] MegaHal: If the second batter hits the ball, You must answer my question.
[22:17] User: what is your question?
[22:17] MegaHal: I've often been asked that, And i've always avoided the question.

I think this one is an attempt at a joke:
[22:33] MegaHal: A poor man once told me that he can't afford to speak.
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Well, I edit words at megahal.dic, the growing dictionairy.
You can delete some words there.
I use it to take out my spelling mistakes :-)
Some words however are also found in megahal.brn, so only a little improvement can be achieved.
megahal you probably know has both a .ban and a .swp file in its directory. the ban file is a list of words NOT to beresponded to and NOT to be stored by the megahal personality should that option be active. fun is the swp or swap file. not only for pairs like I being swapped for You in a megahal response, but words like Hate can be swapped by megahal and the word Love used in replay. obscene words megahal can this way be listed in the swp file and if fed megahal by some idiot then they can be swapped for another more friendly word. it's been a while since i used megahal in this way and you probably already know this. what is SN? my email is con10t[at]gmail[dot]com . cool! keep going...
:-) . callit


July 19 2010, 14:29:01 UTC 7 years ago

Three years late, but the .dic file is purely for you. It does not affect the program, MegaHAL does not read from it.