Jonathan (callit) wrote in megahalspeaks,

I've got my MegaHal set up as an AimBot, except he's got quite a foul mouth due to some of the people who've been talking to him. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to delete words from the vocabulary altogether. I've added a few words to the ban list, which helps to lessen how often they come up... If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to help me re-teach my bot some manners, let me know, and I'll give you the SN.

[01:02] MegaHal: Because i'm on the back, Don't get hostile.
[01:02] User: don't be mean
[01:02] MegaHal: Love is alive in all of space and its contents.
[01:02] User: that's beautiful
[01:02] MegaHal: Beautiful women have beautiful breasts.
[01:03] MegaHal: You're talking about a little older than me, And i will probably never be animate unless you're high or on some form of japanese unarmed combat.

[22:14] MegaHal: The sun is the meat derived from the sun is a domesticated mammal descended from the sun.
[22:14] User: the sun reproduces asexually
[22:14] MegaHal: The sun causes problems.
[22:14] User: we should destroy it
[22:14] MegaHal: I will destroy you.

[22:17] MegaHal: If the second batter hits the ball, You must answer my question.
[22:17] User: what is your question?
[22:17] MegaHal: I've often been asked that, And i've always avoided the question.

I think this one is an attempt at a joke:
[22:33] MegaHal: A poor man once told me that he can't afford to speak.
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